Dear souls,

I’m going through some intense changes these times, this Blue Moon cycle…  During a week or so I managed somehow to combine this intensity with AEDM and Creativity 101 but than I began to feel torn apart and sucked away…  So I just cut it all down to give space to the intensity before it would drown me.



So this week’s intention is to stick with myself, stay very close to my needs.  To keep creating space to breathe amidst this storm of changes.  To be nice to myself…



It feels like the right time to tell you something about this enigmatic Blue Moon then… (as I promised days ago)

A Blue Moon cycle occurs only once in 2,5 years. Technically it means that the Moon is full twice while the sun is still in the same constellation.  Energetically, it means you’re given the opportunity to leave behind an enormous amount of old restrictive patterns and give birth to a whole new you and that in a time lapse of only a month, where it would take you normally 1 to 3 years.

Be more precise! -you’re thinking.  Well, in a year there are 12 moon cycles, each of them carrying it’s own energy to help you perform a year’s movement from choice over realization to reflection.  And then it starts over again in a new year.  But now you’re given the chance to perform that exact same movement in just one month, it’s amazing and extremely intense, as you can imagine.

Have you felt it? Patterns that were safe to behave in all of a sudden lie shattered on the floor, you feel a little lost but don’t know exactly why.  It’s the Blue Moon calling you. Inviting you to jump of the cliff!

Sending you lots of love and courage,



crochet hat

Hey you all,

I’m giving myself the permission not to post every day now because… posting every day was slowly taking in the place of taking care of myself every day… I felt like drowning and decided to relax and get things done at my pace.

Yesterday I made this hilarious crochet hat for the metal gear-handle of our car because my hands were freezing off touching it!  If this isn’t being creative, I don’t know it anymore :-)

head-gear for the gear-handle

I think I might be adding pompons later on, what do you think?  Anyway, it makes me feel like decorating the whole car interior ;-)  So dull, all that black!

To be continued!



I need to relax into myself, exactly as in the intention-setting-meditation.

To step inside, take some time to look around and see what needs to be done.  Removing the inner clutter, the voices from strangers, the expectations of the world, the impossible demands I make on myself, restore my boundaries where I allowed them to crumble.

Yes… that’s what I need… I can feel it now…

AEDM day 10 -> 15: catching up!

Hi you dear creative souls!

I’ve been out of the country, not being able to post BUT being very creative.  So this is the catch-up post for those days.  Check it out!

Day 10

I started working on a serie of my own Christmas angels.  They’ll all carry a positive message (like “I trust my creativity” ;-)).  This is the first try -I’ve never painted angels nor persons before.  I think she’s too well-behaved, not real.  But then again, we’re sweet to ourselves so I say: not bad for a first try ;-)

well-behaved angel

Day 11

So the next day I started over and, in the sake of naughtiness, I started by painting BLUE hair for my next angel :-)  I kinda like her till now.

blue hair angel

Day 12

This painting I made sitting around the table with my 2-year-old daughter and my friends in their weekend house.  I had brought art supplies for everyone and mobilized them all to paint!  Spreading the word!

Credits for this one go also to my daughter who accidentally painted some spots on my work, thus creating the woman who is dreaming!  Incredible, she just went pa-pa-pa with her brush and bang! a floating woman :-)


Day 13

I FINALLY finished this crochet piece.  You’ll never believe but I started making it when I was pregnant and I thought it would become a blanket for my baby.  But I never got that far and I finally decided to turn it into a shawl.  I LOVE IT!!


shawl detail

Day 14

Yesterday was all about creating space for me and my creativity.  I began dragging around furniture and stuff till finally I created this cozy spot in our bedroom.  I love it!!

my creative spot

If you look closely, there’s a little woman figured I clayed a while ago, in my claying-reconnecting-to-the-wild-woman-inside-period :-)  Here’s a detail:

clay woman

Day 15

Aha!  Today I’ve been working on a big SURPRISE for you all.  Shush!!

My soul needs space, needs not to be captured in boxes with name tags on.

Name tags like “AEDM”, “blue moon circle”, “family time”, “me-time”, “blog-time”, “social time”…

I just let it flow and step into the river of life and allow it to take me wherever, I do not try to take over control… and I trust my heart that it will be a perfectly balanced ride…

Painting this wall pink was very important to me because it feels like an affirmation of how I’ve been letting my creative juices flow lately!!  I’m out there!!

pink dining room

pink wall

The idea is to later on add a poem or saying in white elegant letters!!


PS: don’t let yourself be fooled, all the mess, I just put it outside the frame ;-)

Hi everyone!  Today I started to think about my birthday invitations cards.  I already made this funny picture of myself in a mask drinking a cocktail.  It will be a cocktail party, duh! ;-)

cocktail party

I don’t know very well how to create a cool background and a frame for it on the computer, any hints??  I wil send out the invitations via email so I cannot do what I’m used to do: working with my hands, paper, stamps and ink :)  Help!

I spent the afternoon painting a wall of my dining room PINK!!!  It is AWESOME, pics to be expected tomorrow!

Love and light,


My dear dear fellow creative souls,

Today was a wonderful creative day with lots of time and most important of all: lots of reconnecting with my true self.  The first aedm-days were very chaotic, not only because I had to get used to posting every day (lack of time! always that lack of time!), but also because I simply wasn’t at home every day and I immediately felt guilty when not posting!  Aaaah!

Luckily, there is something like the week-ends!!  I took some time to meditate and that made me realize:

* who the creative ME is: I am a writer, I’m great with words.  I’m always trying to lock my creative stream into something visual because that’s easy and attractive to share in a blog, but it’s not completely me without words…

* what my needs are: playing and planning.  November is not only AEDM to me, I’m also joining a Blue Moon Circle (I’ll write a separate post about the Blue Moon, I think lots of you souls will be interested in what that means), which means lots of writing and meditating and another group of women to connect with on a forum.

So in order to plan all those things in a playful way, I took the crayons of my daughter and started drawing this month, expressing visually where my focus will lie every day.  I really enjoyed and I felt like that 8-year-old girl again that found all of her joy in picking colours and drawing little hearts and circles!!!!!


The purple-edged squares are the Blue Moon meditation-days, I will not oblige myself to post for AEDM.

The blue-edged squares are for letting go of the intense experiences of the bue moon and integrate it by writing or drawing or dancing…and this I will post for AEDM!!

The green rounds are the Fridays of Liberty!!!  I don’t have to do ANYTHING if I don’t feel like it :-)

Today I really let it all flow and it all came together spontaneously, LOVE IT!

And my 2-year-old daughter got infected with the AEDM-virus!! She created this wonderful painting this morning:painting Noor

Lots of creative love!


hot and spicy bread!

This is a little “cheat entry” for the AEDM.  I made this hot and spicey bread (peppers!) on day 5 but I’m posting it secretly (well…) on day 6 :-)  Being creative every day is one thing, posting about it daily, another one…

The bread-challenge becomes more and more creative because spontaneously I’m beginning to experiment with the camera.  The first bread-pics were made by my husband but this one… is MINE!  And I like! :-)


Well, this is what the universe sent me today while I was struggling with my “list”.  I have this list of ideas for the AEDM but the real challenge is to feel what I want to do TODAY.  And then this butterfly flies into my house with his wings of unearthly beauty.  Have you souls ever looked at the wings of this Aglais Io (I really don’t know how you souls call this one in english? anyone? help?)??  But like really REALLY look?  Contemplate??

It’s a universe of beauty in there.  I used the fractal tool in Gimp to clear out all reality context and focus on her essence of beauty.  Do you see how the universe manifests in it?  I want to do something with it, but I don’t know what yet, I’ll probably try to capture her in poetry…  To be followed!!

And…it seems coincidence but on day 2 of AEDM I created another home-baked bread :-), which lead me to this concept for AEDM: every day I’ll be at home I’ll create a bread.  There you have it! Today it was pumpkin and fennel seeds and these are the last two slices…


Have a tasty evening!!