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Sweet sweet dreamers,

Since I’ve somewhat grown out of my dreamlist #1, it’s time to settle for a #2!!


  • get my business rockin’ready for take-off in september 2011
  • find a way to stay grounded and centered during the whole process of getting self-employed
  • find a work rythm that’s good for me: balanced time and space for creating, marketing and playing
  • keep my intuition in the driver’s seat (you’re doing a great job up there in front, thank you!)
  • get access to the unbound child in me that can play with my daughter without using this grown-up fancy mind of mine
  • a new bathroom, an organised garage, a red-painted facade, a laid out garden, a separate working space, a new dining room -WHAAAA!
  • an ecological car (electric)
  • hiking in Ireland(again! it’s been 4 years ago since the first time and my soul is longing to go back, I felt so carried, supported, sustained by earth and nature, it’s a magical country, the very SOIL is magic)
  • go to parties -like A LOT!!
  • get my dance groove on, every day

  • use my natural talent for sacred dance to orientate and ground myself, to regenerate, to clarify, to soothe…
  • surrender to love of my life TNC, not closing myself for what he has to offer, this gorgeous mysterious soul

Now let’s see… if the magic of writing it down works as fast with this one as it did with #1!!

      SO… what are YOUR big dreams ?

The Universe and I are listening…very closely…



PS: happy mother’s day to y’all mamas!!


My dear fellow sweet dreamers and creators,

I’m going to be needing you!


Because I’m creating a dream come true…

read on…

Returning to my good old blog I surprised myself in the midst of the process of creating a dream come true out of the Dreamlist I posted exactly six months ago.  What I’m doing right now actually combines no less than SEVEN dreams on the list:

  1. biggest dream right now: to find the right way for me to help people with the talents that were given to me
  2. to find a great job that fits me and my family (>>leaves me enough time to spend with myself, my husband and my daughter)
  3. to be a famous writer
  4. to let my creativity floooooow into the world
  5. to find a good balance between family, friends and work
  6. to really really STAND for myself, my talents, my virtues, my beliefs
  7. to honor and acknowledge my voice and what I say

Can you believe it???  YAY FOR ME!!  And again yay for Andrea and her magic of making dreams come true -only by writing them down as you can see :-)

Now, I hear you thinking : “will she EVER tell what’s going on in her life that makes her freaking out like this?!” :-)

Off course, sweetpies: I’m working my way to entrepreneurship!!  I’m creating a business, hurrah!  The baseline is to create practical tools that will enable you to get closer to authentic and conscious living.  Over and out with the hints and the try-this-out-on-your-own’s.  Just plain and practical and instantly applicable in your life :-).

Curious, hm?  That’s perfect!  I LOVE making everyone around me curious, MUHAHAA.

Many of my friends know I’m working on some mystery project but I won’t release a thing before all the financial and statutary stuff is tackled, you see.  Just in case it wouldn’t work out, cozz I don’t feel like afterwards going to tell everyone that my great project that I revealed into detail cannot go through.

But you guys… you’re my CREATIVE COHORTS

(to speak with the words of Jennifer)

I trust you and I need you.  So you’re gonna be in the know before anyone else.  Coz I value what you’re thinking.  Coz I want creative souls to evaluate my project.  Coz I nééd creative souls around me while working.  Coz it’s hypersuperduperimportant to create community, right Leah? :-)

So from now on, posts on my blog will all relate to the UBERcreative project of my life: creating a company of my own.  Can you believe it all began with a challenge called “creative every day“…? (we love you, Leah!)

Thank you all SO MUCH for being there, for being you.



add your dream list!

Hi sweet dreamers all over the world!

I just joined this great creative dreamers circle set up by Andrea from and I really feel like sharing!

I’m starting up a new category, *dreams*, with nothing but dream lists in it.  The intention is to make space for my dreams in the world, as scary as it may be to write them down and hit the “publish” button.

But let’s support each other!  Feel free to add your dream list too and get all cheerleadery on each other!  Yaaaay!!  (Since there was no one there when I was writing down the first list, I kinda felt the need to cheer for myself ;-)

Lovely dreaming and see you around!

Dreamlist #1

biggest dream right now: to find the right way for me to help people with the talents that were given to me

aha! to have lots of money flowing easily to me!

oh yeah! to have a fit and flexible body!

wiihaaa! to party a lot with FRIENDS and like-minded geniuses!

*I’m going to stop the screaming now, I feel enough cheered on -smile-*

to find a great job that fits me and my family (>>leaves me enough time to spend with myself, my husband and my daughter)

to be a famous writer

to have lots of beautiful clothes, shoes and PURSES and find it easy to combine them

to let my creativity floooooow into the world

to be rooted fully in my intuition, ALL THE DING DANG TIME

to dance and write freely, without any blocks

to be able to allow myself to ENJOY life and not feel guilty for being happy and searching joy

to find a good balance between family, friends and work

to feel safe in the outside world

to really really STAND for myself, my talents, my virtues, my beliefs

to honor and acknowledge my voice and what I say

^^since it’s also my dream to have a happy daughter, I have to stop writing here and get her out of her bed, she’s calling for me!!^^