I’m Nele from Belgium, my native language is Dutch, but I’ll be writing in English so I can connect to creative souls all over the world!  Letting my creativity flow has been the initial goal of this blog but eventually led to great changes in my life and now I’m on my way to entrepreneurship.  You can follow my story here on the Baubo Dance Blog!

I’m a very happy woman with a wonderful boyfriend and a radiant little daughter (2,5 years old).  The road my home is on, leads to a vast forest and that is just an expression in physical form of my intense connection with nature and it’s rythms.

I connect to my creative spark mostly through dancing.  Do you souls know Baubo?  It’s a relatively unknown goddess in Greek myths, I know her from a tale in Clarissa Pinkola Estés’s Women who dance with wolves.  Baubo is the one who makes Demeter reconnect with her vibrant self so instead of mourning the loss of her sweet daughter Persephone, she puts herself together and starts searching for her.  How she accomplished that?  By dancing a vibrant naked dance, showing off her womanliness, swinging her boobs, shaking her hips, singing provocative jolly songs until Demeter can no longer resist and bursts into laughing and feels the fire inside again…

A wonderful inspiring story!

Thank you for visiting, I’ll be glad hearing from you!

Lots of love,