So here I am.  Just dropped of my daughter at school (she goes to school!!), drank coffee with the mothers, got back home and made the transition to my creating bubble: tidying up the house with a sense of urge and why-am-I-doing-this-I-should-just-get-started… until I get to litting the candles and making myself some tea… and I feel calm and awareness slipping in… and I remember… this is just my ritual to stepping into my creative space…


How have you been, dear souls?  How did you spend your summer?  Have you been wandering around the world?  Have you met new people?  Did you surf on waves of inspiration?  Did you dance and laugh your ass off?  Or was it just all different for you?

Cause we are like light switches…we can choose to let the waves of the season in or out.  We can choose to bask in summer glow and glory.  Or we can choose to listen to other urges within us.

Personally, I have ridden the wild summer donkey this time.  I have turned myself inside out and have thrown my soul through every open door.  I travelled, partied, danced, laughed, wept, chattered, walked the earth, said hell yeah to every opportunity, went out out out.  Outside.  Outside myself and my limits.  I really pushed some limits this summer.

And it felt damn good.  I’m closing up a time lapse of withholding myself.  Of being in fall-mode all year long.  I’m talking 4-5 years here.

It-feels-so-damn-good to open up.

It was necessary for me to retreat for such a long time, there is no negative resonance in the words “retreat” or “withdraw” whatsoever.  This is really a pet topic of mine: the right to retreat, the undoing of the insane notion that we should always be up and running and out there, performing at our top level.

The world goes up and down, the seasons fluctuate through it, it’s good to feel the change in the air at the end of the summer.  In our times, this is the hardest change to give in to: going within, pacing down, giving in to the downward movement.

let’s go down
sweet souls
let’s all sink into the earth
into her soft and aromatic darkness
and let us rest
let us be healed

With love,