Sweet creative souls,

I’ve been so busy conceiving my business plans but I never dropped my creative practice -thank god! ;-)  It is so important to keep up a strong creative practice when you dive into one of life’s big adventures.  It keeps me sane, present and in touch with my natural flow of creativity.

So I’ve been writing (here, obviously ;-)), dancing, painting, crocheting and dreamboarding!


I made these adorable crochet pieces for an encouragement/support swap.  The little hanging bag carries love messages and the little treasure bag holds a rough rose quartz.  They were sent of to Australia!!!  It hasn’t arrived yet so I’m still hoping that I’ll make someone very happy very soon!!

A summer dreamboard, to remind myself of what qualities I want this summer…

eye of Kali

I painted this one after a stormy Kali-meditation (the Releasing your Fears meditation of goddess Leonie).  Only when finished I saw it had become an eye :-)  And this is where I painted it, on family vacation in the south of the country, after my daughter knocked herself out with purple acrylic paint :-)

And to close in utter beauty: this is my favorite song lately to create my body-to-floor dance moves…  Enjoy!