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*summer break*

Creativity is the openness to play when everyone else wants to play it safe.


Sweet creative souls,

I’ve been so busy conceiving my business plans but I never dropped my creative practice -thank god! ;-)  It is so important to keep up a strong creative practice when you dive into one of life’s big adventures.  It keeps me sane, present and in touch with my natural flow of creativity.

So I’ve been writing (here, obviously ;-)), dancing, painting, crocheting and dreamboarding!


I made these adorable crochet pieces for an encouragement/support swap.  The little hanging bag carries love messages and the little treasure bag holds a rough rose quartz.  They were sent of to Australia!!!  It hasn’t arrived yet so I’m still hoping that I’ll make someone very happy very soon!!

A summer dreamboard, to remind myself of what qualities I want this summer…

eye of Kali

I painted this one after a stormy Kali-meditation (the Releasing your Fears meditation of goddess Leonie).  Only when finished I saw it had become an eye :-)  And this is where I painted it, on family vacation in the south of the country, after my daughter knocked herself out with purple acrylic paint :-)

And to close in utter beauty: this is my favorite song lately to create my body-to-floor dance moves…  Enjoy!




(password = winner)



I have a little SURPRISE for those who revealed their life questions…

I did a mini-reading for you!!

I couldn’t just leave you standing there with those important questions, RIGHT??!!

So be prepared to receive the mini-reading in your mailbox!!  Yippeeeeee!!

This has been so much fun, thank you so much ladies!

Extra big besos for you all!!



Sweet souls,
Sweet giveaway participants,

I’m recovering from a medicine intoxication I got because of an incorrect prescription. During two days I have been taking double the permitted dose of a highly toxic medicine… I’ve spent the last 24h with endless nausea and have been vomiting my heart out.
I’m starting to feel a little better since I’ve been able to sleep for 2 hours but I’m postponing the drawing of lots til I’m fully recovered. Cause I wanna be there, you know. Right now it’s all toxic mist in my head…

Thanx for understanding,


Confetti! Party!

I’m so excited!!!

I’m celebrating with a GIVEAWAY ——————————————————–>>>>

(password = oracle)

Sweet souls,

Sweet business goddesses,

Today I want to share a powerful tool with you courageous business women: goddess oracle reading.  In the videopost above I share my thoughts on oracle cards (what is it, why+how use it) and do a live reading for my business.

WHY share it with you, you ask?  

Because, being a business goddess myself, I know how hard it is: how many times we doubt our intuition or we don’t know which way to turn.  

Oracle cards are a wonderful and very goddessy way to heal those moments and reconnect with our own needs ànd our natural business insight.  It takes about 10 minutes or even less and in that short amount of time your energy gets shuffled and…

everything is put back into it’s true place instead of flying around in pieces above your head

Problems are turned upside down and from that new perspective you suddenly know how to handle or solve them.

I really really recommend it.  I think we should support eachother in this exciting but sometimes overwhelming journey.  That’s why I wanted to share this powerful tool with you!

Well, I truely hope this can mean something to you, let me know! And feel invited to share your thoughts on business intuition, oracle cards and other great weapons to re-center in times of stuckness and doubt!

Lots of goddess love&light,


PS: additional info: in the Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit ( or I heard Laura West from announcing that she is working on a Business Goddess oracle set! That would be the top of the bill of course, Goddess oracle cards completely focused on business questions…