Roger Waters in concert, Antwerp, Belgium. Copyright TNC

Roger Waters in concert, Antwerp, Belgium. Copyright TNC

Roger Waters, copyright TNC

Roger Waters, Antwerp, copyright TNC

You know how this 2month newbie in entrepreneur-land moved forward til now? One HUGE EXTRAVAGANZA step forward, two steps back :-)

Let’s say I’m trying to move to a pattern of going forward babystep by babystep.  How do I do that?  The pattern above is the story of my life.  I’m a high sensation seeker, a speed burner.  My body burns up food at a terrifying speed.  My mind does the same with experiences and lessons.  And every time there is a wall standing there, just quietly patiently  waiting for me to bang into it.    And there’s no judgement in this wall.  He’s so zen.  And sooo patient.  I thank this wall for being that patient teacher and I know it will be there as long as I need it.

But… I do intent to get rid of it :-)  By slowing down my pace and taking care of myself, by patrolling my borders and keeping watch over my energy levels.

I feel like this whole self-employed thing is the ultimate life exercise for me to get rid of the old pattern.  And I will not run away from it.  In fact, I have been facing it intensely the last two months, trying out different paces and ways.  I’ve tried the over the top enthusiastic way, surfing on waves of spirit highs.  Turns out the wind eventually dies down.  I’ve tried the strictly scheduling way, making lists and strictly scheduling in my work and relax time.  Turns out I didn’t want to work when my schedule announced WORK and I didn’t feel like relaxing when it said RELAX.  Hahaha, this is all quite hilarious, afterwards.

So the new way is: growing a strong FUNDAMENT, by meditating daily to

stay in close contact with my soul, my truth and the natural way of the Universe

If the Universe wants to go right on the crosspath and I am going left because I didn’t have the time and the silence to listen to the flows that are bigger then me, where will I eventually end up?  Big fat flu land?  No man’s land?  Frustroland?

If my soul needs rest in it’s path and I’m rushing through it because I don’t have a clue of what my soul needs cozz I’m simply not taking time to listen to it: same scenario.

So change is on it’s way, actually it’s here right now :)  I create silence, I listen.  And then I move on to work or play or whatever is needed.

Did I mention that this weekend I attended the fabulous concert of Roger Waters (Pink Floyd)? Guess how it was named??  The Wall…

During the concert a giant wall was built between the band and the audience.  It was mind blowing.

My favourite part was at the end: where the wall came crushing down…