Yes sweethearts, it struck me hard, the big fat flu.  And it had too, because there was no other way of making me listen…  I thought I wasn’t the stubborn kind but hey, I can be.

As happens a lot with people who carry the element FIRE inside (Sagittarius!), I burned out in all my enthousiasm.  From zero to the top and smashing back, baby.  If your other element is AIR, you’re screwed ;-)  Even more oxygen to blaze the fire…  So allright, my life is about finding the grounding and centering powers of EARTH and the smooth gentle surrendering moves of WATER.  It’s like an e-course I run at the Life School.  Lovely Professor Universe keeps sending me lessons to learn and exercises to practice.

Thanks for all the patience, Life, I love you.

So here I am, back with my feet on the ground and keeping an eye on my energy.  Seeing things in perspective.  I don’t need to be self-employed and making thousands of bucks tomorrow.  Couple of weeks ago I wrote: I’m having the time of my life.  Today I add: and I have a lifetime to experience and grow it.

So all options are open now.  Starting in september, starting in january, starting never, starting fulltime self-employed, starting halftime self-employed, etc.  All is well as long as I feel good about it.  I go with the flow.

I lay down in the water, I listen to the river and try to feel where it wants to take me.  

Instead of sitting on a military boat and feverishly rowing this or that way, blowing a mad horn.

And I have the intention to try not to let that balance break down in a week’s time.  I have the intention to take care for myself, to sustain myself.  Because I love me.