You’re all gonna laugh at me :-)  I decided to cuisine dinner during the day, when I have time and energy.  Instead of in the evening, when I’m worn out and everything has to happen at the same time and everyone wants to tell me how their day was.

Now I just finished dinner preparations (it’s 11am) and I enjoyed cooking as I haven’t been enjoying it for a looong time.  I noticed I had energy enough to pour love into the casseroles, to try something new, to add a little more of this and that.  Instead of throwing things in, slamming on the lids and hoping the recipe doesn’t demand anything more than that.  And if it does: sighing and steaming like a locomotive.

Now I’m sure lots of you already know and do all this.  And you might be thinking: look who’s arriving to the zone of cuisine wisdom!  I’m sure my mom will.

But here’s the thing: we all have to learn things in our time.  I was told by my mom, I have seen others do it and I thought: wow, I should try this out.   But all that isn’t going to change anything.  That’s not the way we learn.

Today I thought: hey! let’s try this out.  I don’t WANT all the stress anymore.  I WANT to pour love in and enjoy my cuisine.

And so it happened.

Amen :-)