Sweet souls,

I could have never imagined the thought that crossed my mind yesterday:

I was born to be an entrepreneur

Really.  Me.

I come out of a nest where safety and stability ruled.  No adventure.  No change.  It was hard to grow up discovering I was exactly the opposite.  Transformation and self-realization are life-rules for me.  Adventure calls me all the time.  I have a new idea every 4 seconds.  And hell yeah, I’m an entrepreneur.


I have found my tribe.  One where every single member has his wacky ideas about living life.  I cannot possibly tell you how happy I am,

I’m living the time of my life

Now let me tell you how I felt before I found my tribe and my calling.

It was doubt all allong.  In everything I was doing, I was wondering: now is this really the right thing?  I’m a human being that lives on intuition (they DO exist!) so I always followed that feeling. Which meant I changed my mind A LOT.  I changed from job A LOT.  And guess what: I got judged A LOT.  “You cannot make decisions” “You cannot set your mind on something and finish it properly”. And then there it was:

“you’re such a doubter”

And you here it resonating loud and clear: DOUBT IS NOT DONE.  Those words are poison to someone of the age where you try to figure out for yourself what to do with your life.    Until that poison entered my veins, the doubt was perfectly HEALTHY, it was a mechanism of my soul trying to gently push me the right way.  This is the kind of doubt I would like to rehabilitate.  It’s sane, it’s vital, it’s life saving.  Basically: it’s Intuition calling your attention by causing a feeling of doubt in your body.

The other doubt is the one others talk into your head.  You start doubting your intuiton, your gut feeling.  That’s where the suffering starts.

I’m so glad my intuition was strong enough to resuscitate and carry on after every period of poisonous injections.   And off course I got where I had to be and I believe most of us eventually will.  But with so much unnecessary suffering of self-loathing and inner criticism.

So to hell with those who say you doubt too much.  It’s your soul telling you the circumstances aren’t right.

I can tell you this one thing I learned about life: