Urgent indeed.  Coz when I get all nonchy about life and stop setting out intentions, I get  lost in no time.  And then I start wondering what went wrong, I had it all  together, HADN’T I???  Life is a constant exercise, what else would we do here?

So here we go.

This week I need to set intentions at the beginning of every day :-).  This means basically I want to pick up my morning ritual again of picking a Louise Hay Wisdom Card  and writing down 3 MIT’s (Most Important Things) for the day.  A day with and one without this ritual is like day and night difference :-).

And there’s another intention, more like for the rest of the month: focusing on the deeper connection with the love of my life (aka The Next Commuter).  Practical life has taken over with the coming of our daughter, the buying of a house and the social integrating in the new neighbourhood.  Great fun, really.  And so important.  But the scale needs to remain balanced and that’s not just an exercice we do once, it’s life, it’s lifelong.   Before, there was just me and him and we were utterly close.  After studenthood our social life was shrinking and we both missed it.  We built a new one and guess what: now we both miss eachother as connected in the deep way we were before.  Off to a new balance we go…

I started this monday weekly intention inspired by Andrea of ABC Creativity.  It seems like she no longer hosts it on her website or facebook but I’ll continue doing it on my blog.  You can share yours if you like right here.  Sometimes a spot to write it down is all the encouragement we need.