My dear fellow sweet dreamers and creators,

I’m going to be needing you!


Because I’m creating a dream come true…

read on…

Returning to my good old blog I surprised myself in the midst of the process of creating a dream come true out of the Dreamlist I posted exactly six months ago.  What I’m doing right now actually combines no less than SEVEN dreams on the list:

  1. biggest dream right now: to find the right way for me to help people with the talents that were given to me
  2. to find a great job that fits me and my family (>>leaves me enough time to spend with myself, my husband and my daughter)
  3. to be a famous writer
  4. to let my creativity floooooow into the world
  5. to find a good balance between family, friends and work
  6. to really really STAND for myself, my talents, my virtues, my beliefs
  7. to honor and acknowledge my voice and what I say

Can you believe it???  YAY FOR ME!!  And again yay for Andrea and her magic of making dreams come true -only by writing them down as you can see :-)

Now, I hear you thinking : “will she EVER tell what’s going on in her life that makes her freaking out like this?!” :-)

Off course, sweetpies: I’m working my way to entrepreneurship!!  I’m creating a business, hurrah!  The baseline is to create practical tools that will enable you to get closer to authentic and conscious living.  Over and out with the hints and the try-this-out-on-your-own’s.  Just plain and practical and instantly applicable in your life :-).

Curious, hm?  That’s perfect!  I LOVE making everyone around me curious, MUHAHAA.

Many of my friends know I’m working on some mystery project but I won’t release a thing before all the financial and statutary stuff is tackled, you see.  Just in case it wouldn’t work out, cozz I don’t feel like afterwards going to tell everyone that my great project that I revealed into detail cannot go through.

But you guys… you’re my CREATIVE COHORTS

(to speak with the words of Jennifer)

I trust you and I need you.  So you’re gonna be in the know before anyone else.  Coz I value what you’re thinking.  Coz I want creative souls to evaluate my project.  Coz I nééd creative souls around me while working.  Coz it’s hypersuperduperimportant to create community, right Leah? :-)

So from now on, posts on my blog will all relate to the UBERcreative project of my life: creating a company of my own.  Can you believe it all began with a challenge called “creative every day“…? (we love you, Leah!)

Thank you all SO MUCH for being there, for being you.