Dear souls,

I’m going through some intense changes these times, this Blue Moon cycle…  During a week or so I managed somehow to combine this intensity with AEDM and Creativity 101 but than I began to feel torn apart and sucked away…  So I just cut it all down to give space to the intensity before it would drown me.



So this week’s intention is to stick with myself, stay very close to my needs.  To keep creating space to breathe amidst this storm of changes.  To be nice to myself…



It feels like the right time to tell you something about this enigmatic Blue Moon then… (as I promised days ago)

A Blue Moon cycle occurs only once in 2,5 years. Technically it means that the Moon is full twice while the sun is still in the same constellation.  Energetically, it means you’re given the opportunity to leave behind an enormous amount of old restrictive patterns and give birth to a whole new you and that in a time lapse of only a month, where it would take you normally 1 to 3 years.

Be more precise! -you’re thinking.  Well, in a year there are 12 moon cycles, each of them carrying it’s own energy to help you perform a year’s movement from choice over realization to reflection.  And then it starts over again in a new year.  But now you’re given the chance to perform that exact same movement in just one month, it’s amazing and extremely intense, as you can imagine.

Have you felt it? Patterns that were safe to behave in all of a sudden lie shattered on the floor, you feel a little lost but don’t know exactly why.  It’s the Blue Moon calling you. Inviting you to jump of the cliff!

Sending you lots of love and courage,