Hi you dear creative souls!

I’ve been out of the country, not being able to post BUT being very creative.  So this is the catch-up post for those days.  Check it out!

Day 10

I started working on a serie of my own Christmas angels.  They’ll all carry a positive message (like “I trust my creativity” ;-)).  This is the first try -I’ve never painted angels nor persons before.  I think she’s too well-behaved, not real.  But then again, we’re sweet to ourselves so I say: not bad for a first try ;-)

well-behaved angel

Day 11

So the next day I started over and, in the sake of naughtiness, I started by painting BLUE hair for my next angel :-)  I kinda like her till now.

blue hair angel

Day 12

This painting I made sitting around the table with my 2-year-old daughter and my friends in their weekend house.  I had brought art supplies for everyone and mobilized them all to paint!  Spreading the word!

Credits for this one go also to my daughter who accidentally painted some spots on my work, thus creating the woman who is dreaming!  Incredible, she just went pa-pa-pa with her brush and bang! a floating woman :-)


Day 13

I FINALLY finished this crochet piece.  You’ll never believe but I started making it when I was pregnant and I thought it would become a blanket for my baby.  But I never got that far and I finally decided to turn it into a shawl.  I LOVE IT!!


shawl detail

Day 14

Yesterday was all about creating space for me and my creativity.  I began dragging around furniture and stuff till finally I created this cozy spot in our bedroom.  I love it!!

my creative spot

If you look closely, there’s a little woman figured I clayed a while ago, in my claying-reconnecting-to-the-wild-woman-inside-period :-)  Here’s a detail:

clay woman

Day 15

Aha!  Today I’ve been working on a big SURPRISE for you all.  Shush!!