My dear dear fellow creative souls,

Today was a wonderful creative day with lots of time and most important of all: lots of reconnecting with my true self.  The first aedm-days were very chaotic, not only because I had to get used to posting every day (lack of time! always that lack of time!), but also because I simply wasn’t at home every day and I immediately felt guilty when not posting!  Aaaah!

Luckily, there is something like the week-ends!!  I took some time to meditate and that made me realize:

* who the creative ME is: I am a writer, I’m great with words.  I’m always trying to lock my creative stream into something visual because that’s easy and attractive to share in a blog, but it’s not completely me without words…

* what my needs are: playing and planning.  November is not only AEDM to me, I’m also joining a Blue Moon Circle (I’ll write a separate post about the Blue Moon, I think lots of you souls will be interested in what that means), which means lots of writing and meditating and another group of women to connect with on a forum.

So in order to plan all those things in a playful way, I took the crayons of my daughter and started drawing this month, expressing visually where my focus will lie every day.  I really enjoyed and I felt like that 8-year-old girl again that found all of her joy in picking colours and drawing little hearts and circles!!!!!


The purple-edged squares are the Blue Moon meditation-days, I will not oblige myself to post for AEDM.

The blue-edged squares are for letting go of the intense experiences of the bue moon and integrate it by writing or drawing or dancing…and this I will post for AEDM!!

The green rounds are the Fridays of Liberty!!!  I don’t have to do ANYTHING if I don’t feel like it :-)

Today I really let it all flow and it all came together spontaneously, LOVE IT!

And my 2-year-old daughter got infected with the AEDM-virus!! She created this wonderful painting this morning:painting Noor

Lots of creative love!