Well, this is what the universe sent me today while I was struggling with my “list”.  I have this list of ideas for the AEDM but the real challenge is to feel what I want to do TODAY.  And then this butterfly flies into my house with his wings of unearthly beauty.  Have you souls ever looked at the wings of this Aglais Io (I really don’t know how you souls call this one in english? anyone? help?)??  But like really REALLY look?  Contemplate??

It’s a universe of beauty in there.  I used the fractal tool in Gimp to clear out all reality context and focus on her essence of beauty.  Do you see how the universe manifests in it?  I want to do something with it, but I don’t know what yet, I’ll probably try to capture her in poetry…  To be followed!!

And…it seems coincidence but on day 2 of AEDM I created another home-baked bread :-), which lead me to this concept for AEDM: every day I’ll be at home I’ll create a bread.  There you have it! Today it was pumpkin and fennel seeds and these are the last two slices…


Have a tasty evening!!