biggest dream right now: to find the right way for me to help people with the talents that were given to me

aha! to have lots of money flowing easily to me!

oh yeah! to have a fit and flexible body!

wiihaaa! to party a lot with FRIENDS and like-minded geniuses!

*I’m going to stop the screaming now, I feel enough cheered on -smile-*

to find a great job that fits me and my family (>>leaves me enough time to spend with myself, my husband and my daughter)

to be a famous writer

to have lots of beautiful clothes, shoes and PURSES and find it easy to combine them

to let my creativity floooooow into the world

to be rooted fully in my intuition, ALL THE DING DANG TIME

to dance and write freely, without any blocks

to be able to allow myself to ENJOY life and not feel guilty for being happy and searching joy

to find a good balance between family, friends and work

to feel safe in the outside world

to really really STAND for myself, my talents, my virtues, my beliefs

to honor and acknowledge my voice and what I say

^^since it’s also my dream to have a happy daughter, I have to stop writing here and get her out of her bed, she’s calling for me!!^^