Hi everyone!

It’s been a while ago…  I’ve been travelling in- and outside…  I enjoyed staying in the warm south of France during summertime.  But coming home I felt somehow alienated and have been wrestling my way back in since then.  The fact that I’m now appearing here tells me that I’m on my own doorstep again.  Hurray!

The collage underneath has been a gateway for reconnecting with my instincts and self.  I find the bear so powerful and graceful at a time.  Her claw connects with the human muddy claw reaching out for the wild…  I really lost my thinking head sticking on all the tiny blades of fake grass :-)  I felt like reborn!!

The words you bearely can’t read say things like “ressourcing, wildness, boundaries, surrender, river, flow, dance” etc…

I added a sepia version, because for me it always transforms a collage into a whole.  And in this collage particularly, it goes very well with the colors of the bear and the cotton flowers.

instinct sepia

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