Dear Creative Souls,

This week I want to share this dance meditation with you because this is what I really do if I want to be creative in connection with my soul. It’s hard to “show” because it’s not a visual art like painting or photographing.  So instead of showing, I would like to let you experience

So, I dare you: when was the last time you danced?  When was the last time you surrendered to the music and your body without restraint?  And are you willing to spend the next 5 minutes on it?


This is how it works:

Choose a moment when you can be alone.  Make room for your own dancefloor.  Consider that you might want to go jump around with your eyes closed… Connect your computer to a good set of boxes (really! otherwise the experience will get lost). Close the curtains, get rid of all the clothes you dare get rid of for now.

Promise yourself you will surrender to the music and to your body and will not open your eyes until the end of the song.  Just let the music move in you, move you, surrender control and let your body decide on every move.  If you encounter resistance, dance with it, listen to it, feel it.  Judgements about the music?  Dance with it!  Insecure during silence?  Dance with it!  If you get hot, take off more clothes.  If you feel like crying, cry.  If you feel like shouting, shout.  If you feel like throwing yourself on the floor, go ahead.  Be you, be the wildness you originally are.

Now I’m gonna shut my mouth and let you fill in the rest of the experiences (…and tell me all about it!)

Here we go, click the video, close your eyes and… dance!

PS: This song is very hot here right now, the singer is Belgian, and gorgeous, but hey, you will find that out afterwards, because right NOW you’re eyes are closed! ;-)

PPS: It doesn’t always have to be a dance song like this, you can do this on any type of music, but this sort of dance music makes it easy to start!