So now…  the first post to share in the Creative Every Day Challenge!

I’m attending this wonderful course called “Natural Woman in Summer” from Modron (the site is in Dutch but who knows some of you do speak it :-).  Each week we dive into ourselves and connect with eachother through a specific theme.  Caroline, our guide, is a wonderful wise person who lets us discover great wisdom and insights.  I got a huge insight this week and she tells me to let go of all the rest now and just be in and with the insight, let it sink into my system and get creative with it.  So yay, a link to the Challenge!

First I got a little stuck because someone told me to create but then finally I started dancing and as always that took all resistance away and connected me with the fire!  Afterwards I sat down and made this painting.  It’s a creative expression of a deep insight, please don’t judge the esthetic quality, it wasn’t about esthetics at all.  The words you see are in Dutch and are a poem that wrote itself in the painting.



An attempt to translation:

Air Fire Water Earth
ritmically clocking deep inside
circles wander through time
whirling in connection

I’m a woman of the air
I’m the fire
I spiral in flames to the sky

Yes I am
carried by Mother Earth

I am
a woman.

Original version in Dutch:

Lucht Vuur Water Aarde
ritmisch klokkend diep in mij
cirkels dwalen door de tijd
wervelend in verbinding

ik ben een luchtvrouw
ik sta in vuur
en vlam
in spiralen
naar de hemel

ja ik ben
gedragen door Moeder Aarde

ik ben
een vrouw

Love to you all,