I’m having the hardest time choosing colors for my interior.  Just like I feel creativity doesn’t flow enough in my life, I cannot easily connect to it either when it comes to interior design.  Decorating my house has always been a source of joy for me and a natural gift.  But in our new house, the first house we actually own and not rent, it just doesn’t come.  I feel like every decision will lead to permanent results, so it reeaaally has to be the right decision.  How insane.

Anyway, strolling around the different creativity website, I’m rediscovering the fact that it has to come from the inside, the heart, that it needs to reflect your personality.  So I finally ended up with a color scheme that reflects me, I don’t know yet where each color will come, but I let my ideas about it grow organically.

So as a reminder for myself:
a very soft natural matt green (accent wall, objects)
sand (wall, fabrics)
weathered wood (objects)
soft white (wall)
greige (accent wall)

The idea is to create a friendly, relaxing, soothing “I’m in a fairy-wood”- feeling :-)